Daily Camper Itinerary


Daily Camper Itinerary

Election Day June 26 Closed

Closed July 4

Day Camp


6:45am Drop off

First Day Check In STARTS at 6:45am regisration, payments and waiver forms

Bring sneakers, cleats, hat, bag, extra par of socks, swim trunks, water bottle (Place Campers Name on All Items) and snack money, each camper will receive 1 Free  "Savage it UP FOOTBALL" camp Tee shirt for any addtional Tee Shirts are $9.99 and up.

All campers must wear a camp tee shirt at all times and the camp will not be responsable for any belongings lost on or off campus that's not put in a locker room.  NO Exceptions!!!

Bad Behavior Camper will be suspended and sent Home until further notice

No Refunds for suspended days or removed from camp

                       Concession Stand will be Open all day


Note (all daily fees must be paid before the start of the Day, Week or Month of the camp.) (Permission Forms and payment for trips are Due 1 day before specified trip)

Snack (camp buck Debit) available to campers, Funds payed at front desk of camp to be held for the camper to purchase Drinks and Snacks. ($5 and up)

6:45 Drop Off    Sign In  (field trip check in)

7:45am Free BREAKFAST Starts,(weigh in)

8:30am  Breakfast over (Registration Desk Closed)

8:35am Class Room (Breakfast over)

(Opening Mentoring)

8:45am Morning Run,Warm-up, stretchingspeed, jump and agility Tuesday's and Thursday's

Combine training, Laser timing 40 yard Dash, 3 Cone, Broad Jump, Shuttle and Position-Specific Drills with Video.       $12 SWIM WEDNESDAYS

10:45am Demonstrations and Lectures with (COACH MIKE SAVAGE) Coaches or Guest

 (Offence, Skill Positions, O-Linemen and Spec.Teams)

11:40am Mid Day Training Power Workout (20min.)


12:00pm Free LUNCH


12:45pm Lunch Over (Field Trips or Movie)


2:40pm  Warm-up, stretching, speed and agility


3:00pm  Demonstrations and Lectures with Coaches or Guest

 ( Defence, DB's, LB's, DE's, D-Linemen and Spec.Teams)

(All Eqiupment must be put back before games starts)

3:40pm  7 on 7 Team games (Football Game)

4:10pm 4:30pm Game Over (Clean Up) Awards  

4:20pm Signings

(Closing Mentoring) Collage and High School, Recruitment and Signings / There will be information for all Maryland State and Local Youth  Football Teams available for players who are looking for teams to play for in the fall, in your area. (No recruitment of unavailable youth players)

4:40pm Camp Ends, Sign Out 


4:45pm Pick up

late fees may apply:o

after 5:15pm

$5 for every 5 mins. Late:mad:


Note: (Bring sneakers, cleats, hat, bag, swim trunks, water bottle (with name on it)  snack money)




Owings Mills, MD 21117



Camp Site (443) 429-0048 or (410) 262-6092


Sat. 6/6 All day Camp CLOSED
Sun. 6/7 12:00 AM Camp CLOSED
Sat. 6/13 All day Camp CLOSED
Sun. 6/14 All day Flag Day
12:00 AM Camp CLOSED
Sat. 6/20 All day Camp CLOSED
Sun. 6/21 12:00 AM Camp CLOSED
Sat. 6/27 All day Camp CLOSED
Sun. 6/28 12:00 AM Camp CLOSED
Sat. 7/4 All day Independence Day
All day Camp CLOSED
Sun. 7/5 12:00 AM Camp CLOSED
Sat. 7/11 All day Camp CLOSED
Sun. 7/12 12:00 AM Camp CLOSED
Sat. 7/18 All day Camp CLOSED
Sun. 7/19 12:00 AM Camp CLOSED
Sat. 7/25 All day Camp CLOSED
Sun. 7/26 12:00 AM Camp CLOSED
Sat. 8/1 All day Camp CLOSED
Sun. 8/2 12:00 AM Camp CLOSED
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