Founded 2010 in Baltimore, This Youth Summer Football Camp is designed to give each student athlete an opportunity to receive concentrated technique training.


Located in


DEER PARK Middle Magnet School
9830 Winands RD
Randallstown, MD 21133

June 17, 2019 to July 26, 2019


6 week CAMP

Ages 5 to 17

7:00am to 4:45pm

Free Breakfast / Free Lunch

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(443) 429-0048
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This camp also offers players an opportunity to develop their skills and learn the fundamental technique for their respective position. Our Coaches will help every motivated youth athlete attain an upper level of performance. If your child is an experienced player or just starting football, our coaches goal is to teach our athletes the correct techniques and practice habits that will allow them to reach their full potential. Your son will receive the best training available from Coach Mike Savage and the Savage it UP Football Camp coaching staff. By working with our coaches, your son will learn much more than football! He will be taught teamwork, focusing on tasks at hand, consideration for others, concussion awareness and self-discipline. The Savage it UP Football Camp will bring your sons' skill up for life and football! Coming to this camp for one day or weeks will still make a difference, don't miss out on the chance to learn the proper way to play football... (Non-contact)



Coach Mike Savage

A Message from Coach Mike
 High School All-Americans

He will recruit 10 High School All-Americans Football Players around the state to become camp Counselors/Coaches
he will contact you or your coach with details




Located in Baltimore County

  Practice hard and daily. If you want to be good and ready, you need to be above all your competition. Only a few people can make that position, and there can only be one starter. If you want it to be you, you have to be the best in your group.

  Exercise hard, but take breaks. Exercising too hard could hurt you and hurt your chances of making the team. Work hard, but know your limits.

Coach Mike

  Join groups or organizations to get a feel for what a team is like. This will also give you hands on experience and a feel of a what a game situation is like.

  Listen carefully to what your coach says. Believe it or not, there is a lot of strategy involved in football. It's not just grunts throwing each other around. If by the time you start playing games you don't know how to run a "Fake 24 Double Reverse," football is not for you.

  Watch football games or re-runs. Observe how the players in your position line up and execute the plays. See what you need to do, but look for tricks you can use as well.

Know what position you want to be. Each position requires a different amount of skill and strength. Below are some common things you will want to know about popular positions.

  • Quarter Backs: Quarter Backs need to have excellent arm strength, an ability to run (at least a decent run), and the ability to take a hit. You can train for all these by lifting weights and practicing your passes (arm strength), running ladders or taking short runs (speed), and exercises focused around the chest (ability to take a hit.)
  • Half Backs: Half Backs need to rely on a number of things. Speed, agility, carrying the ball, awareness, and the knowledge they are tackled frequently. Common activities such as running, practice dodging objects, and playing against friends will help build all these key strong points.
  • Wide Receivers: Wide Receivers need to have speed, agility, and the ability to catch and be tackled. General exercises can build strength, such as pulls ups or weight lifting. Catching is a skill that you can learn by yourself or in a group (groups work best.)
  • Defenders: Defenders, especially lineman, need to be all muscles and very large. As a lineman, you will get pushed around a lot, and have to tackle people a lot as well. Getting muscular and large is easy.
  • Kickers and Punters: Leg strength is about it. You will get pushed down sometimes, but not often. Doing leg exercises and practicing your kicking is all you need to do.
  • Offensive Linemen: Lots of leg strength is needed. When you block someone, you not only are aggressive with your arms, but you need to be able to fire into the defensive lineman and drive your legs to move him back. You should be big and able to throw your weight around. Muscles are a plus. You also need quick and fast feet for blocking.

Fundraising For
Organizations, Schools and Teams
UP CAMPS offers organizations to redeem a donation back if the organization sends 10 or more campers on a Full 4 week registration to the camp discounts included.  Organizations can use this donation for a fundraising purposes to contribute to  your teams organization needs. (Coaches) We also offer Coaches to come Volunteer their coaching skills or speak with the Kids  for about a hour or two at the camp this summer, lunch is provided. Coaches Check with camp for coaching time slots to check-in.
Contact camp for details



1 Free Camp T-Shirt additional T-shirts $ 9.99 each

Custom  T-Shirts $15 each


Camp Sites

Deer Park Middle Magnet School
9830 Winands RD
Randallstown, MD 21133


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Camp Site (443)429-0049 or UP CAMPS (410)262-6092  

 Walter Johnson: UP CAMPS Director / Mike Savage: Coaches Director

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40Yard Dash Testing, Vertical jump, Broad jump, 3 Cone, etc.. Instructions and Filming for Rec Teams, High Schools, Groups and Individuals

Free to Rec's, Teams and High Schools




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I am pleased to announce that UP CAMPS is awarded  Best of Baltimore Awards in the Recreation Camps category and 5 Star Summer Football Camp

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